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attractions at Whispering Pines

So Much More than Just Trees!

Here at Whispering Pines Tree Farm – we continuously add holiday attractions for the ultimate Christmas exerience that you and your family will remember for years! There are many photo opportunities to capture the smiles so bring your camera!

Singing, Talking Reindeer

Everyone will enjoy our lifesize interactive reindeer!  Kids' faces light up with this talking and singing reindeer!

Pictures with Santa

Ambrosius Studio will capture the all-imporant visit with Santa inside Santa's Workshop. Dates and times are listed on our home page sidebar.

Whispering Pines Express Train Rides

Two child-inspired trains every weekend – to take you out for your tree.

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DID YOU KNOW... An acre of Christmas trees produce enough oxygen for 18 people?
Here at Whispering Pines Tree Farm, we make enough oxygen for 2500 people everyday!
Member of Christmas Tree Farm Network