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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: What is your contact number?
A: (920) 835-TREE (8733)

Q: Do you provide saws and twine?
A: Yes, we have hand saws and plenty of twine to tie your tree down for the ride home. (No chain saws please.)

Q: Do you have precut trees?
A: Yes, the same price as cut your own for most. Table trees start at $3.95; some extra large trees are a bit more.

Q: What method of payment?
A: Check, cash, VISA, MasterCard and Discover

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: We love our pets as much as you love yours; but we do not allow pets to be outside on the property.

DID YOU KNOW... An acre of Christmas trees produce enough oxygen for 18 people?
Here at Whispering Pines Tree Farm, we make enough oxygen for 2500 people everyday!
Member of Christmas Tree Farm Network